"I’ve spent a lot of time as a drummer but I have the personality of a front-person and it’s gotten me in nothing but trouble," says Dave Mead, leader of new San Diego band Crasher and drummer of Exasperation. "The positions of a band are like the electoral college. If you’re the drummer you’re like Vermont, you have great ideas and you just want what’s best for everyone but at the end of the day you’re Vermont. Singers and guitar players are the Texas, New York, and California of the band world. I knew I had my own songs in me somewhere, once I found them it was like accidentally breaking into a giant cave and they were everywhere."

His own songs came to life with the help of bassist AJ Peacox (Weatherbox, Future Crooks), and when live shows start happening, Jordan Krimston (Band Argument, Weatherbox, Miss New Buddha) will be Crasher's live drummer. But Mead recorded the drums himself for Crasher's debut EP Traitor, which follows last year's two-song demo. It's a cool EP that takes some familiar sounds -- attitude-fueled garage punk, breezier indie rock, and a slight Americana twang -- and fuses them together in ways that feel fresh.

We wrote the above back in April when we premiered a stream of Crasher's new Traitor EP, and we're now premiering the Derrick Acosta-directed video for "Whatever Dude" from that EP. It's a hazy, colorful, psychedelic clip, and David Mead says, "Filming this video was the first solid blast of sunlight I had since the quarantine began, and one of the first times we had met up together as a band which was like the scene in Homeward Bound where the animals finally meet the humans again." Watch below.

Crasher are also donating all profits from their new EP to organizations involved in the fight for racial justice. David says, "We have been donating our money to this organization called feedingdaygo, and we’ve been making food and hygiene packs with the money that’s come in ourselves and giving it to them to distribute. I like the level of personal involvement that gives me rather than just pumping money into the void and hoping it goes to the right place… I like doing local stuff that benefits the people in our immediate environment, it’s always been a good place to start for me."