The absurd Late Night talk show parody/nightmare that is The Eric Andre Show is about to come back to Adult Swim on August 6, and as we all get geared up for that, the show has shared a new clip from the season. "Rapper Warrior Ninja" finds rappers such as Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, Open Mike Eagle, Go Dreamer and Nocando attempting a bizarro obstacle course (Ninja Warrior-style) that includes soiled underwear, mouse traps, and snakes, among other things, all while freestyling and being yelled at by Eric Andre and Hannibal Burress. They all wipe pretty spectacularly, it's pretty hilarious (as this show usually is), and all handle the experience like good sports (though Danny Brown argues that "this beat is trash").

Also as part of the promotional build-up for the new season, Eric Andre was at the RNC last week, getting up onstage at an Alex Jones rally and getting kicked off the floor of the actual convention before concluding that "Coachella sucks this year." Check that clip out below as well.

And don't forget that Danny Brown has a new album and tour coming up.

Check out that clip below, and keep an eye out for season 4 of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim.