Four years after hosting the first SNL after the 2016 election, Dave Chappelle returned to host the show last night (11/7), when, after days of counting, the race was finally called for Joe Biden. Unsurprisingly, he touched on the vote in his opening monologue, as well as coronavirus, masks, his summer of socially distanced comedy shows, and much more.

"This morning after the results came in, I got a text from a friend of mine in London," Chappelle said. "She said the world feels like a safer place now that America has a new president. And I said, 'That’s great, but America doesn’t.' You guys remember what life was like before Covid? I do. There was a mass shooting every week, you remember that? Thank god for Covid. Something had to lock these murderous whites up, keep them in the house."

Later, talking masks, he said, "I don’t know why poor white people don’t like to wear masks, what is the problem? You wear masks at the Klan rally, wear it at the Walmart too. Wear your Klan hood at Walmart so we can all feel safe."

Chappelle also brought up Trump's racist nickname for the virus, saying, "Now Trump is gone. Called the coronavirus the 'kung flu.' I said 'You racist, hilarious son of a bitch.' I’m supposed to say that, not you. It’s wrong when you say it."

"And after all that," he continued, "you know what Trump did after all that stuff, went out and got the coronavirus, wasn’t that something? You know, when he got coronavirus, they said everything about it in the news, but you know what they didn’t say? That it was hilarious."

Watch Chappelle's monologue in full below. Watch musical guests Foo Fighters' performance (and see the details of their new album announcement) here.

Also watch Chappelle break character in a sketch about Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, and play a news anchor in a sketch comparing Trump fleeing the White House to OJ Simpson's Bronco chase:

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