A few months before post-hardcore legend Walter Schreifels returned with the first Quicksand album in 22 years, his psych band Dead Heavens released their debut album Whatever Witch You Are. They've since made a video for "Adderall Highway" off that album, which we're premiering in this post. It's made to look like it was made with a bunch of different Snapchat filters, and it's appropriately trippy for the fuzzed-out song. Here's what Walter tells us about it:

The "Adderall Highway" was an added bonus of our last West Coast tour. Mortis gave us cameras (might have been phones) and told us to bug out, sing the song best we could. Had little idea of what it would ultimately look like but we had a great time doing it and have complete faith in Mortis to come up with something interesting, they did not disappoint as you can see.

Watch the video below.

Whatever Witch You Are is out now on Dine Alone. Order yours.

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