Not only did DJ Muggs just release his new solo album Dies Occidendum on Sacred Bones today, he's also got a new video for "Ace of Swords" off his great new collaborative album with Brooklyn rapper Rome Streetz, Death & the Magician. The dimly-lit video was filmed at night on the streets of LA, and it's got just as much of a nostalgic '90s/early '00s rap vibe as the music itself.

Speaking about the song and the video, Rome says, "I was reflecting on how far I’ve come in life and all the things I’ve been thru to now. I’m making an album with a hip hop legend. It’s been a journey of ups and downs, and now I feel like I’ve put the puzzle together that was once scattered pieces that I couldn’t figure out.. The card 'Ace of Swords' symbolizes a breakthrough or a new way of thinking... The video was shot in LA, Muggs and I were just driving through the hood in the beemer. The imagery fit the feeling of the record."

On the album itself, Rome said, "Besides the fact that I’m working with a legend, I just knew I had to come with some heat... It has more layers to it than my other projects... Everything has a deeper story behind it as far as the names of the songs, the art. All the moving parts that went into this, it’s much more of a production."

"First time we linked up in the studio we just chilled and chopped it up for a while before we even recorded," Rome continues. "It was real comfortable, like we've been doing this, so it was a perfect space to get busy... Wasn’t any pressure, I just looked at it as preparation meeting opportunity... Everything I was doing up until this point got me ready to approach this, so I was ready to go, no pressure just wanted him to fuck with what I was doing."

When asked why it's important to him to work with younger, underground guys like Rome, Muggs said, "And that's what I'ma continue to do, and educate along the way with who wants to listen, and show them how to stake what they have and expand it."

Muggs also just released a mini-documentary, Past Is Prologue. Watch that, the new "Ace of Swords" video, and Death & The Magician's recently-released short film, below...


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