Super Bowl LVI is this Sunday, and in addition to the game (Rams Vs Bengals) and the Halftime show, some people watch just for the commercials. Among them is a Taco Bell commercial featuring Doja Cat covering Hole's "Celebrity Skin." In it, she plays a Clown College student, who, tired of the drudgery of cafeteria meals, escapes with some fellow students in a clownmobile to find better grub, as her very faithful cover, which features some lyrics tweaked "in partnership with Courtney Love," blares.

Here's the official description of the ad, titled "The Grande Escape":

The Grande Escape serves as an epic story of liberation from conformity and shows Doja Cat alongside others who escape from a clown college in pursuit of discovering Live Más for themselves. The spot is a depiction of the exhilaration and comfort that comes from honoring and celebrating being different. Known for her award-winning music, authentic and energetic persona and captivating social media presence, Doja Cat is the personification of a generation that praises authenticity, making her the perfect fit for the campaign

You can watch Doja Cat's Super Bowl ad, along with a making-of short, below. Her cover of "Celebrity Skin" will be released as a single tonight. UPDATE: Out now (listen below).

This year's Super Bowl Halftime show features Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg.

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