As we were just saying last week, it's been a very busy year for punk legend Dave Smalley. His band the Bandoleros are releasing their debut album at the end of this month, and he already put out a new Down By Law album this year, as well as a new 7" with his band Don't Sleep. We've now got the premiere of the video for "Lazarus" off that EP (shot by Caleb Smith and Jeremy Farkas), which sees the band rocking out at a low-ceiling basement show, probably not unlike the ones Dave used to play with Dag Nasty back in the day. (Of all his current bands, Don't Sleep are the most similar to Dag Nasty and they also play Dag Nasty songs live.) "Lazarus" is a ripper and the video does a great job of showing off how much of a force these guys are. Check it out below.

You can also stream the full 7" (out now on Reaper Records/Unity Worldwide Records) below.

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