Former One Dove singer Dot Allison is gearing up to release Heart-Shaped Scars, her first solo album in 12 years, in July. First single "Long Exposure" is pretty wonderful and Dot was nice enough to tell us a little more about it. "I had been playing around on the ukulele and came up with the skeleton of the chorus chords and a lyric-less melody and then revisited the verse, to then sculpt it to work well with the chorus I had come up with .. Each section arrived kind of unannounced after playing what I had up until then many times.

"The song’s lyrical world came from an idea for a poem," Dot continues, "I always like to have a clear concept to write around and from there the imagery comes to mind. I loved the idea of 'Long Exposure’ although there is a bit of poetic license to me, as in my head I’m imagining a photograph in a tray of developing solution coming into focus over time.. as the subconscious mind surfaces through life’s events.... but I thought Long Exposure was a strong image to work with so I kind of hung the idea onto that."

We've got the premiere of the song's lyric video, directed by PREHUMAN, and you can watch that below.