Providence, RI screamo/post-hardcore band Dreamwell's sophomore album Modern Grotesque is one of the best albums of its kind to come out this year so far, and if you haven't heard it yet, I recommend changing that. I also recommend watching their new video for "You Dreamt of Me. I Dreamt of a Mountain of Salt," which premieres in this post.

"This song is essentially about queer revenge and challenging false narratives that are used to excuse bigotry," the band tells us. "In this video, we reflect that while there is a certain protection that comes with hiding yourself away, breaking that barrier and refusing to be hidden is but the first step in fighting back."

If you've seen the band's recent promo photos (like the one above), you'll recognize the scenery in this video. It uses footage of the band playing out in an open field -- both during the day and at night -- spliced together with footage of vocalist Keziah Staska at what looks like a personal seance. Like the song itself, the video is full of unbridled emotion, and it also really makes me want to see this band live. Check it out below.