Australian garage punk greats Eddy Current Suppression Ring returned out of nowhere last year to release All in Good Time, their first new record since 2010. It was a most welcome return and found them no worse for wear and as riled up as you remember. One of the album's standouts is "Vicariously Living," a song that has taken on new relevance in our current pandemic times. ECSR have now made an animated video for it, directed by Oliver Georgiou, and it premieres in this post.

Says singer Brendan Supression, "These lyrics are about staying at home on a Saturday night and living life through a movie or a book, a magazine, or scrolling through images on the computer or phone, to the point where it consumes you, and you feel like you’re living life through these images, often images of images, blurry snippets of information, recycled jargon, social events, false idols, scenes and stories that begin to lose all meaning. Always leaving you craving more, something else. Constantly unwrapping scrappy information, like a never ending game of pass the parcel." Watch the video, and listen to All in Good Time, below.

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