Elvis Perkins released his fifth album, Creation Myths, back in October. He made it with producer Sam Cohen and one of the standouts cuts is "See Monkey," a track that blends Beatlesque psychedelia with just a little Studio 1 dub. Perkins' describes it as an "everything's gonna be alright sort of song, a 'we're all only returning to the source' sort of song, from the monkey that is me to the monkey that is you.”

We've got the premiere of the very cool animated "See Monkey" video. Directed by the SHWALAMI design collective, the cut-and-paste style here recalls Terry Gilliam's iconic work with Monty Python, bringing the sort of eye-catching, old-fashioned ads you might see in the back of a comic book to vibrant life. Elvis tells us first thing that came to mind for him was "somehow, the leitmotif from RobocopI'd buy that for a dollar.’ The good Shwalami people have updated the snake oil hock for the present day: ‘All your eyes can eat for no dollars at all.’”

Watch the "See Monkey" video, and stream the album, below.

Elvis Perkins - Creation Myths

Creation Myths tracklist
Sing Sing
See Monkey
I Know You Know
Mrs. & Mr. E
The Half Life
See Through

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