...its title Immanent Fire comes from what feminist spiritual philosopher Starhawk calls the "war on immanence," and the California wildfires, "[lamenting] the destruction of the sacred feminine and the earth at once," to quote the album's press release. As you might expect from that description, this album often takes on the dark state of the world that we're currently living in, but it does it in poetic and metaphoric ways, not in an overtly literal fashion, which makes it more instantly timeless. The dark themes are matched by dark sounds - like They Moved In Shadow All Together, this is gothy, ethereal folk in the vein of Marissa Nadler or acoustic Chelsea Wolfe, and if you like those artists but still haven't checked out the still-underrated Emily Jane White, I hope this excellent album changes that.

Emily Jane White has a new video for "Surrender," the opening track of 2019's very good Immanent Fire (that's an excerpt of our album review above). The video was directed, filmed & edited by Bobby Cochran, and it's as haunting and gorgeous as the song itself. It also adds to the themes of climate change that the song addresses, as Emily explains:

"Surrender" is about the global connections between humanity's addiction to fossil fuels, resource extractivism, and climate change, specifically highlighting the fires induced by climate change occurring in Northern California between 2018 and 2020. We filmed this near my childhood home on the Mendocino Coast as this year's fires commenced, with one happening only 35 miles inland which covered the coast in smoke for a week shortly thereafter. The video calls out the cynical fossil fuel industry as intentionally blind toward the long-lasting effects and destructive consequences of their practices, which affect wildlife, natural habitats, and all of us. Climate change is escalating, imprinting upon our human experience an anxiety and depression which have become normalized. We also wanted to capture the majesty of the Mendocino Coast as the sacred space that it is, exposing its inherent beauty and juxtaposing that with images of what is happening to our earth.

It premieres right here:

Immanent Fire is out now. Pick up your copy from Talitres.