Joe Jack Talcum (Dead Milkmen), Mikey Erg, The Homeless Gospel Choir, and Endless Mike and the Beagle Club are releasing a split 10" this Sunday (1/10) on the non-profit label Awkward Aardvark Records, with proceeds going to the Pittsburgh Center for Autistic Advocacy, "an organization here that works to advance the equity of people with Autism in all aspects of their life - politically, socially, and economically."

Ahead of the release, we're premiering Endless Mike and Beagle Club's contribution "Comment Section," and as you might expect from a song title like that, the folk punk-ish song takes on the kind of insanity that we all see people spewing online on a daily basis, and it comes with a Twitter-inspired lyric video that references right-wing conspiracies, MAGA, racism, and other things that constantly plague social media. Check it out below.

Endless Mike said to New Noise, "​I’m very excited to be a part of it. It’s an honor to alongside these bands. We did this song remotely, of course—I sent it to Davis, who played some drums and mixed it. He also recorded Kate’s vocals. Her favorite band of all time is the Dead Milkmen, so I really wanted her voice on it so she could be on the same record as Joe Jack Talcum.​"

The Homeless Gospel Choir’s Derek Zanetti added, "It’s a dream come true to be a part of something so unique and important. Killer bands amazing songs, and a worthy cause. Punk rock doesn’t owe us anything, but it constantly surprises us with small, little glimpses of magic. This surely is that."

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