Last year, robe and mask-wearing Belgian post-metallers Briqueville released their new album Quelle (out now on Pelagic), and as good as the album is, this enigmatic band is really one where the visual experience matters as much as the audio, so it's good news that they've now got a new live performance video for "Akte VIII & IX" from the album. It originally aired as part of a livestream (via Democrazy / Minard), but now it's getting an official release and it premieres in this post.

"The 10 minutes prior to the start of the live stream, we spent holding our instruments on stage in absolute silence," the band says. "With only a faint blue light and the presence of our 6th member as a spectator behind us, this felt as a lead curtain draped over us. This contributed immensely to the overall atmosphere we pursue in our live show. Using the beautiful venue as a part of the show, playing with our backs to it and staring into a black empty void contributed a lot towards achieving the catharsis we seek in our live experience as members of Briqueville. A different but satisfying experience that is certainly worth repetition."

It's a pretty spectacular (and eerie) performance, and you can see the whole thing for yourself right here:


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