Not only is Acrobat Unstable one of the best labels in DIY/emo/punk/etc right now (home to releases by awakebutstillinbed, Stars Hollow, Carpool, Hazing Over, Dogleg, The Callous Daoboys, Infant Island, and more), and they've also got a video series where they go to record stores, pick up cool records, and talk about them. They recently did one with Skylar Sarkis (Taking Meds, Growing Stone, Highway Sniper) and talked about records by Archers of Loaf, Elvis Costello, Son Volt, 38 Spesh, and 'Til Tuesday, and now they've got a new one where label co-founders (and Clearbody bandmates) Eric Smeal and Marty Hacker-Mullen talk about Gouge Away, Oasis, Touche Amore, MGMT, The Cure, Boris, and MF DOOM.

"We’ve been trying to bridge the gap between being a record label & having an active Youtube channel since the beginning of the label, not just with music videos but actual content too," Eric tells us. "Stocking Up (named by our dear friend Katya Cepeda) seemed like the best way to start that up, just videos of us hanging out with our friends and talking about records. It’s pretty chill on our end cause the series really has endless possibilities, some of the episodes we’ve talked about doing have been going to actual stores and doing a What’s In My Bag-esque segment or just taking a look at someone’s collection. This one with me and my business partner/bandmate in Clearbody Marty is the best of both worlds, we film Marty’s picks and then I talk about a few recent pickups I got."

Watch the Eric/Marty video and the one with Skylar below...

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