Fat White Family have shared the second single from Serf's Up!, which will be their first album for Domino. Where first single "Feet" was the poppiest thing they'd ever released, "Tastes Good With The Money" is in more familiar sleazo-glam Fat Whites territory. You may also recognize the distinctive, heavily accented vocals of Baxter Dury, who shows up in the song's second half. The video for the song, meanwhile, was directed by Róisín Murphy and is an homage to Monty Python's Flying Circus, complete with a recreation of the very bloody "Salad Days" sketch (aka "Anyone for tennis?"). Says Róisín:

I’ve been making it known for years how much I wanted to make a video for this band. I’m a massive fan of FWF and I’ve been chasing this opportunity for a long time. I used every possible connection I had, I have asked people to ask people, I’ve contacted the band on social media, I really set my heart on this. For me there’s such a charm about them and an authenticity that’s actually incredibly rare. I knew I could not possibly work with a more magnetic bunch of performers.

The idea of referencing Monty Python partly came out of the somewhat absurd and confusing political landscape that we are now living in Britain, Python seems prescient. The British laughing at themselves, a certain kind glee even in the loss of empire, singing as the ship goes down, well it just seems so...of the moment. There is this deep ambivalence to the establishment that resonates with the Fat Whites own irreverent world view.

Most of all I wanted an idea that would give them the confidence and the space to really let go and just perform, too allow them to be raw in what is essentially an unnatural situation for a bunch of ne’er do well musicians.

When I look at the video, what I see is the trust they put in me and I’m so proud of that. Maybe it’s because I am a performer too but they let themselves be put in a kind-of vulnerable situation; they allowed themselves to be foolish, silly and absurd in a way that could have gone tits-up, however, the result is hilarious and the performances are second to none.

Baxter's in the video too which contains some good jokes in the credits, and you can watch it below.

Serf's Up! is out April 19 on Domino.

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