Italian post-industrial duo Father Murphy recently announced what they say will be their final album, Rising. A requiem for Father Murphy, which is due April 20 via AVANT! Records (UK, EU, Japan) and Ramp Local (US). (Click the label links to pre-order.) Ahead of the release, we're premiering a video that features a medley of pieces of from the album. It's a stop-motion video made by Luca DiPierro, and as you might expect from Father Murphy, it gets pretty dark. Here's what Luca says about it:

The narrative in the video for Rising. A Requiem for Father Murphy is not a straightforward one. Elementary and delicate dynamics between figures are set in motion (the act of seeing, of witnessing, of touching, of giving and being given to) in a series of tableaux pervaded by sentiments of loss and grief, and by the sense of the unexpected. The video is shot in stop motion, using cut-outs and objects made of old book cloth, paper, fabric, wood, stone, feathers, flowers. As a visual artist and animator, I have always been interested in working with texture to create a world both bi- and tri-dimensional, reminiscent of the puppet theatre and 19th century moveable books.

Characters, objects, situations in the video for Rising derive from a visual and literary substrate that the band and I (all of us coming from Northern Italy) share: an unwritten encyclopedia of symbols and figures where the sorrowful, the bizarre, the melancholy and the grotesque meet.

Rising is the fifth video that I have made for Father Murphy: as a sort of final chapter of a pentalogy, marks the end of a musical and conceptual project that has influenced and challenged my art for the past fifteen years.

The video is a good match for the music, which is atmospheric, haunting, and at times very experimental. As for the decision to use a medley for the video, Father Murphy tells us, "All the 12 movements of "Rising" are vital organs of the same body. We couldn't pick one of the said organs to represent the others, only the entire body could serve the purpose. So we decided to go for a medley that somehow represents the blood that irrigates them all."

Watch the video here:

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