Cell phones are just part of the concert experience in 2019 and it's not going to change, unless you're a big enough act to afford YONDR pouches for everyone who buys a ticket. But there are rules of etiquette. As Judas Priest's Rob Halford says, "PHYSICALLY INTERFERE WITH THE METAL GOD’S PERFORMANCE" -- like getting your phone within inches of them -- "YOU NOW KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN."

Also, don't get on stage and try and take a selfie with the band, even if it's a band like FIDLAR whose crazy shows seem very anything-goes and it's a near-constant stream of stage-diving. One fan tried to do just that at FIDLAR's show at Berkeley’s Cornerstone Brewery over the weekend, and frontman Zac Carper was not having it, trying to push them away and then batting the phone into the air. Of course, thanks to cell phones at concerts, this moment was captured for all to see and you can watch above.

The incident and video ended up making the homepage of Reddit and when Carper realized it, he commented on the thread.

This kind of stuff happens to us all the time. We encourage stage diving and moshing and all that good stuff. BUT this is where I draw the line. No selfies WHILE im performing. Sorry brah. A big ole nope to that. I kindly pushed her out of the way the first time to let her know I am not down, so my instinctive reaction was to get that phone out of my face.

Its all good tho. She laughed and she actually got her phone back after the show. not broken or anything. Boom.

Zac is not kidding about all the time. He tweeted back in 2015, "i have no problem breaking your iPhone 6 if you jump on stage and take a selfie while we are playing. please, give me something to break." Watch the incident from another view, below.