The lead single from Field Music's fantastic new album Flat White Moon is "No Pressure," an homage to Queen & David Bowie's "Under Pressure" that was written as an experiment to reconstruct the classic single as a brand new song. They called it a "mirror image" and it's cool, both intellectually and as its own groovy pop song. Field Music have now covered Bowie & Queen's original.

Field Music performed the song for the ninth annual Roaming Roots Revue for Celtic Connections concert, which was filmed back in January during lockdown. It's a very faithful version and Field Music bandleaders (and brothers) David & Peter Brewis do a great job with the vocals. The rest of the band are serious musicians and nail that part of it too. We chose this song because it fits with the theme of the night, which is songs of survival,” Field Music’s Peter Brewis explained in the video's intro. “We already knew this song, so we thought it was best to choose one of them.”

Watch that (via Stereogum), and the video for Field Music's "No Pressure," below.