The first episode of Tenacious D's new animated series, Post-Apocalypto, premiered today on the duo's YouTube channel. "Animated" is being generous -- Dr. Katz was more animated than this -- but, in their defense, Jack Black and Kyle Gass did make this almost entirely by themselves. The story involves, as many Tenacious D stories have, J & K trying to make rent, before things take a sci-fi turn. (Not to spoil, but the show is called Post-Apocalypto.) It also features two new D songs: the Post-Apocalypto theme, and "Hope" which is also the title of the episode. You can watch the episode, a lyric video for "Hope," a "Tenacious D's How to Draw" video (very Bob Ross!), and check out the show's theme song, below.

Tenacious D will be on tour this fall, including two Brooklyn shows at Kings Theatre.

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