The Flaming Lips gave their "space bubble concerts" concept a trial run a couple weeks ago at Oklahoma City's The Criterion to shoot a video for "Assassins of Youth," which is off their terrific new album American Head. That video has just been released and, even though a few Instagram pics from people who were there had been shared, it is pretty wild to see the full picture of what it's like to have a big venue like The Criterion completely packed with people in big bubbles. Wayne immediately shoots out over and into the crowd from his own bubble, with static electricity taking hold of his hair at times.

"Of course, our MAIN priority (when doing the performance for the music video) was making sure everyone was safe and all the health cautions were being enforced," Wayne notes, adding. "I forgot about how exciting and fun and ridiculous it is to do a Flaming Lips show!!! I think the video shows it!!!"

It's a trip and you can watch it below.

Still no word on an actual full space bubble concert from the Lips. Stay tuned.

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