Flash Hits are the current group from Damien C. Taylor -- who you might also know from Asteroid #4, [The Sounds of] Kaleidoscope, and more -- and have been going for a decade now, growing from bedroom 4-track project with Mike Hammel (Lilys, Ropers) to a full-fledged band. Having moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, the current lineup of Flash Hits (Taylor, Jordan Blumling, Tim Plunkett, and Ryan Van Kriedt) recorded new album Growths in 2020 with producer Jason Simon.

Released earlier this month via Frontier Records, Growths is a kaleidoscopic mix of '60s pysch, early-'80s post-punk and indie, '90s shoegaze and more. There's a nice mix of trippy earworms and more out-there and way, way out tracks, that should appeal to fans of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Lilys, or even Ty Segall. You can stream the whole thing below.

One of the mutant pop nuggets on the album is "Fake Pepper," and we're premiering the video for it in this post. Using a mix of hazy band performance and found footage, the video ("zhuzhed" by Burk Sauls) is pretty clever, too. Watch that below.

attachment-flash-hits growths

1. Transparent Age 01:52
2. Decider 04:23
3. Fake Pepper 02:31
4. My New Mask 03:20
5. Fool's Mint 00:38
6. Brat-Scam 03:03
7. O-Dots 03:50
8. The Extra Special 05:24
9. Stay Tops 03:15
10. With 03:13
11. Hobo Cloak 02:51
12. Growths 03:35
13. Count Spacula 03:19

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