Portland, OR's floral patterns. and Rochester, NY's California Cousins put out a split last month with two new songs each, and if you dig DIY, underground emo/screamo, you should make sure you don't miss this one. Each bands contribute two songs, with California Cousins offering up heavy, mathy, chaotic screamo while floral patterns. explore the genre's slow-burning, climactic post-rock side. All four songs are great, and three of them now have videos. California Cousins gave "Cracked" a spooky video that should go well with your Halloween hangover, and floral patterns. put together past tour footage for a video for both of their songs, "Sunset Cherry Freeze" and "Ted Kennedy Driving School."

Check out both below, and pick up the "Apple Jacks" variant of the 10" vinyl from Chillwavve Records, the "Mini Wheats" variant from Brace Cove Records, and/or the cassette from Sun Eater Records.

From floral patterns' Bandcamp:

floral patterns. would like to thank Tyler Young, Keegan Bradford, Thomas Mansanti, Alexis Politz, Ci Lawson, Kate Eyers, Crimson Kelleher, Josh Soza (RIP), Russel Heinichen (RIP), Great Walls, Reveries, Pictures of June, worst party ever, To Be Gentle, Yawning, Tolls, Sofie's Floorboard, Jommeez, Chillwavve and Brace Cove Recs, A to Z Media, all our friends and family who have supported us thus far and to those reading this now. Big love to Cali Cousins!!

"Music is the only reason any of us have friends so thank you to all the homies that keep us going. floral patterns for letting us be part of this, Alex Politz for the dope artwork, and most of all thank you to the dream team that is Brace Cove x Chillwavve for making it happen bby!!!" - California Cousins


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