Before releasing even the first single off their excellent debut album In Spite Of, For Your Health debuted some of the new material in a genuinely inspired live session (for hate5six), so now that the album's been out for a bit, it's good news that they decided to do another livestream, this time for Audiotree. Like the hate5six session (and their music videos), the whole thing was in black-and-white, which goes well with FYH's intense blur of post-hardcore, screamo, and more, and FYH played as hard as they would with an audience present.

Like on the hate5six stream, they had their core four-piece lineup and a fifth live member, and they once again reminded you that they are ready to go off when concerts return, and that they've got serious chops. All four instrumentalists deliver casually complex musicianship without seeming show-offy and without missing a beat, and Hayden Rodriguez tops it off with a performance that's as cathartic and theatrical as their multi-faceted, part-screamed, part-sung vocals. They played a good chunk of In Spite Of and some of their earlier material too, and if you're a fan of this band or post-hardcore in general, the whole thing is very worth watching. Check it out below.

For more on In Spite Of, we recently spoke to Hayden about the album.

For more screamo on Audiotree, Record Setter (who were hanging out in the live chat during FYH's stream) just announced one for next Monday (3/22) at the same time (2 PM ET).

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