As mentioned, there was a livestreamed festival this past weekend benefitting Tiny Changes, the Scottish mental health charity set up in memory of the late Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison.

"The message that we’ve been trying to promote throughout all this is togetherness, even at the moment when we’re not physically together," Tiny Changes co-founder, Frightened Rabbit drummer, and Scott's brother Grant Hutchison told NME. "This is a great opportunity to bring new artists and young people to perform, speak and engage and have something to look forward to and celebrate. How good is it to have a festival and not even get out of your own bed?"

The virtual event included The Charlatans‘ Tim Burgess, Bill Ryder-Jones, Frank Turner, The Staves, Matt Maltese, and more, and for Frank Turner's set, he did a selection of Frightened Rabbit covers -- including The Modern Leper," 'Holy," 'Swim Until You Can’t See Land," "Head Rolls Off," and "State Hospital" -- and also debuted a new song that he wrote about Hutchison, tentatively titled "Song For Scott" and set to appear on Frank's next album.

"These are my versions of these songs, and there’s no part of me that would ever think I would play them as well as Scott would’ve played them," Frank said. He also added, "Scott and I were friends. We became friends at a point when both of our careers were kind of taking off, and it was a cool friendship in the sense that there’s not many people who do what I do for a living, and to have someone to bounce stories and ideas and insecurities and worries and doubts off was a hugely helpful thing for me, and maybe for him, too."

Watch Frank Turner's full set below. You can still donate here.

Frank Turner is also releasing a split album with NOFX where they cover each other.

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