With Portlandia Season 8 set to premiere in January 2018, Netflix recently put up the show's Emmy-nominated seventh season, which aired on IFC earlier this year. Portlandia is always filled with little jokes and references for music nerds to appreciate, and Season 7 is no different. There's a sketch where Fred Armisen (playing a character) is trying to relate to Carrie Brownstein (playing herself), and says he's "really good friends" with Janet, Corin, and Katie. There's also an infomercial-style sketch, which ends with a band on stage saying "this next one's a chillwave song," before the scene cuts to the show's opening credits (whose theme is by Washed Out).

But the real music-nerd kicker in Season 7 is the sketch with Fred playing a crazy record collector obsessing over a B-52s box set, in awe of the kinds of things only crazy record collectors care about ("this is a live version!" "this is a bootleg!" "how did they get this?!"). His friend is played by filmmaker Lance Bangs, who doesn't say a word the whole sketch, and the biggest gem of all in the box set is miniature versions of the B-52s, played by the members themselves. You just have to watch it to fully experience it, and you can do so below.

It's not the first time that the Portlandia people have shown love for the B-52s. When Sleater-Kinney played NYC in December 2015, they brought out Fred Armisen to cover "Rock Lobster."

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