Southern California's Gameface were initially around in the '90s and early '00s and they made a type of poppy, melodic post-hardcore that clearly influenced the mainstream emo boom of the early '00s, even if Gameface never got that big themselves. They ended up calling it quits in 2003 after releasing Four to Go, but finally reunited and returned in 2014 with the new album Now Is What Matters Now. They've stayed active since, and Record Store Day 2019 saw the release of a brand new single, "I Owe You One," with a cover of Tom Petty's "Two Gunslingers" on the flip. The single is now getting a wider release via Revelation Records (pre-order), and Gameface have now made a video for "I Owe You One," which premieres in this post. The song sounds straight out of the band's classic '90s era, and the video is super '90s too, down to displaying the artist and song title in the left corner of the screen.

Gameface vocalist/guitarist Jeff Caudill says, "This is a song about when you find your person, your soulmate, your teammate — the one you wanna run the race with. Mel House and Upstart Filmworks did a great job of capturing this sentiment," and director Mel House adds:

Jeff and I had developed a great collaborative relationship while working on the videos for each track from his solo EP, "Reset The Sun". When he reached out to me about a new Gameface track in the works, the wheels were already turning. “I Owe You One” features actors Bobby Haworth (most recently seen as both John Landis AND George Lucas in "The Price of Fame"), as well as Julie Oliver-Touchstone from "Preacher". My wife, actress Melanie Donihoo, was actually who we built the casting around - once you watch the video, you'll understand why. Her onscreen chemistry with Bobby (developed via several previous collaborations) pretty much set him up to be our male lead opposite Melanie. Our daughter, Regan, also makes her screen debut here. We shot most of it in Houston, but I did fly out to Los Angeles for a whirlwind weekend to get some extra coverage that eagle-eyed viewers might notice. Having been a Gameface fan since college, this is a neat "full circle" project for me, and I'm very proud with what we were able to come up with.

Watch below.

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