As you may know, Thursday are reuniting this year. Ahead of that, frontman Geoff Rickly (more recently of United Nations and No Devotion) played some solo shows. Video surfaced of his show at Baltimore's Ottobar on July 6, where Geoff talked about the reunion before playing a solo version of the first song Thursday ever wrote, "This Side of Brightness." Here's what he said:

The funny thing about Thursday getting back together is like, most of my friends were pretty cynical about it. They're like, "you guys always knew what you were doing!" And the thing is, is that like, we made this really boring statement when we broke up about like, it's time to move on and yadda yadda. Because like, shit was melting down like alien blood through the floor so that at the time, like, people were going to jail. We had somebody committed to the hospital for eight months. Like it was so bad that we're like, if we make a really boring thing and make it seem like, you know, it's just tough to get over, and people would be like "ughh." So... it worked! And uh, I really truly never thought we would play again, and now we are, and it's our original lineup. It's fucking crazy. I'm psyched.

At that same show, he played his cover of Usher's "Climax," which he recorded for for his 2012 solo mixtape. "I truly think if Usher had kept going in this direction, I'd like, love Usher. But then he like gets scared and goes back to banger territory 'cause he's afraid of too many feelings. But it says something when your song with too many feelings is like, written by Diplo." Video of that one and Geoff playing Thursday's "This Song Has Been Brought to You by a Falling Bomb" are also below. As is an older video of Geoff playing "This Side of Brightness" at another solo show in May.

Thursday's reunion tour includes a few festivals, and shows in their home state of NJ on December 29 & 30 at Starland Ballroom. Tickets for 12/29 are still available but 12/30 is sold out.


Thursday — 2016 Tour Dates
8/13 Masquerade - Hell Atlanta, GA (Wrecking Ball late night show)
8/14 Wrecking Ball Atlanta, GA
9/2-4 Riot Fest Denver, CO
9/16-18 Riot Fest Chicago, IL
12/29 Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJ
12/30 Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJ

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