Kansas City post-hardcore/emo vets Giants Chair returned this past December with their first album in 23 years, Prefabylon, released on Spartan Records (order yours), and they've now got a video for its song "Russian Racehorse." Both the song and video carry a strong political message and resonate pretty strongly right now. Frontman Scott Hobart tells us:

As a middle-aged, white, midwestern guy writing songs, I’ve generally left ‘protest’ lyrics of any real political or religious specificity to the professionals. What do I really have to say that isn’t already being voiced more eloquently by sharper folks? Or maybe I just didn’t have the balls. But, as the ignorance and arrogance of the Trump era woke me to new, more dangerous levels of reckless absurdity everyday, I finally reached the point - maybe the obligation - that I needed to express my frustration in some way, if only for myself. I like metaphors because I think they let language do more work as they encourage more engagement on the part of the listener, so I didn’t feel the need to name names in the song. I guess it’s about politics AS religion and the frenzied futility of human beings telling themselves they have it together in the face of the unfathomable universe. Thanks for listening!

Watch the video and stream the album below...

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