Grizzly Bear played the big Bernie Sanders rally in the Nethermead in Prospect Park today, performing "While You Wait For the Others" "Two Weeks" and "Knife," the latter of which they changed the lyrics from "can't you feel the knife" to "can't you feel the Bern." Also playing the really was veteran hip-hop duo EPMD who played "You Gots to Chill." Before Bernie's speech there were introductions from Danny DeVito, and others. About 20,000 people showed up in Prospect Park. Video of Grizzly Bear, EMPD and Bernie's whole speech (including DeVito intro) is below.

TV on the Radio will play Sanders' rally in Long Island City on Monday, Vampire Weekend played the one in Washington Square Park, and Bernie introduced Run the Jewels (via video) at Coachella on Saturday.


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