Last year, Growing Stone -- the indie-folk solo project of Taking Meds' Skylar Sarkis -- released the album I Had Everybody Snowed, and now Skylar has teamed up with director Luke LeCount to make a video for the song "Rushing For Fear of Intruder," inspired by silent films and divorce. Luke says:

Skylar has such a knack for physical humor & I really wanted to showcase that. I was having difficulty envisioning what this would look like, until we began treating it as a silent film rather than a music video. This approach ended up influencing pretty much every ensuing stylistic choice. We both love Charlie Chaplin & I especially wanted to lean into his short sketches (from the 1910s) before he began making feature films. His cat, Phoebe, was a huge diva on set & threatened every aspect of the production, however.

And Skylar adds:

Luke LeCount said he was going out of town to work on a feature so we wouldn’t be able to make a music video for a month, so I lied and told him I had a really good idea that I wanted to film before he left. He asked me what it was and I just said the first thing I could think of, which was “a guy who sees a sign advertising cheap divorces and becomes obsessed with getting a divorce.” He fell for it because, outside of filmmaking, he’s not too bright.

The video premieres in this post. Watch it and stream the full album below, and pre-order vinyl copies from Head2Wall Records.

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