President's Trump's insane suggestion last week that injecting disinfectants into people's lungs might have value as a coronavirus treatment left even his supporters scratching their heads, but of course there is someone it sounds good to: GWAR! Drummer JiZMak Da Gusha recorded a PSA about it, which you can watch below. "It was really great to hear our president in America say that it was ok to, you know, use bleach as a cleaner, or as a drug," he said. "I mean, GWAR has been using it as a drug forever, so, you know, this is the stuff. You can inhale it, that's a fun way, you can try to smoke it, shoot it, obviously drink it is the best, that's what I like to do, just get the big old bottle and chug away! So if you wanna stay safe from COVID-19, drink bleach, shoot it, smoke it like I said before, GWAR does it all the ways."

"All right people," he concludes, "be safe, but stay sick." All we'll say is, please take JiZMAk's words with several grains of salt.

You can hear more wisdom from GWAR on a couple of upcoming livestreams they're doing. On Thursday (4/30), Blothar is appearing on Gramercy Theatre's Instagram at 3 PM ET. Later the same day, at 9 PM ET, you can watch him give a "GWARantine Talk" on Facebook.

Check out pictures of GWAR from Riot Fest 2019 in the gallery below.

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