Last year, Orange County ska/pop/rock band Half Past Two released their self-titled album, and now they've got a video for its song "Top Gun" (which just so happens to coincide with the theatrical release of Top Gun: Maverick). The song has a slithering, eerie, minor-key ska vibe, and the Rae Mystic-created video has an equally creepy atmosphere as it bounces between scenes of singer Tara Hahn and two dancing women. Here's what Tara says about the song and video:

I was sick of the dribble that people were telling me about how mask mandates and vaccines were infringing on their personal freedoms when in my own home, their ignorance was a major concern to my loved ones’ health and well being. I really felt angry and glossed over, I was quickly learning that people I was close to weren’t going to even hear me out about why these things were so important. Half Past Two isn’t known for angry songs, so this one seemed out of pocket, but I was HAPPY to tell these people off in “Top Gun.” Even the music is different from the other songs on the record, feels more serious just like what we were saying with the lyrics. We really love the story Rae established in the video. The dancers really show how a deep relationship can be irreparable.

Guitarist/keyboardist/backing vocalist David Parris, who co-wrote this song, added, "We tried to hit two opposite ends of the musical spectrum while still exploring some sounds that were new and interesting in Half Past Two. What ended up happening is the hardest breakdown we’ve ever done, which is pretty cool."

And Rae Mystic says, "‘Top Gun’ demanded a dance number. I envisioned 'turning an argument into a dance.' While I wanted the video to be dark in the sense of the subject, I saw the dance taking place in a vivid living room. Once I landed on Danielle Adams to choreograph the dance, she knew exactly what I was requesting even though I have no previous dance experience."

Watch the video below and check out the full album here. Half Past Two also play the free, all ages Wet Hot Skamerican Summer on July 23 at Hangar 24 Brewing in Irvine, CA with The Guilty Parties, Chris Murray, Hooray For Our Side, The B Sharps, and The Step Daughters.

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