Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby did some North American dates last year touring Douglas, the follow-up to the acclaimed Nanette, and now Douglas is headed to Netflix. It premieres on the streaming service on Tuesday, May 26, and there's a new trailer out for it, which you can watch below. In it, Hannah bemoans her decision to "put all my trauma eggs into one basket like a fucking idiot" on Nanette, praises "y'all" as "the best most inclusive second-person plural pronoun in the English speaking world," and more.

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver saw the trailer, which prompted him to tweet, "based on this video of a comedian ive never heard of, I am DEF gonna check this out... ive said we should concede certain words in different English speaking cultures before! including Y'all and Alumunium ! #globalsubconcious"

He quickly caught up on who Hannah is, returning to write, "I wish I could take away every tweet ive ever tweeted, if only to share this one link with the people of earth: HANNAH GADSBY's "Nanette" SLAM EFFECT. If you can, Watch it Right Now." He continued, "I cried so so so so hard the entire time. She is exactly right about EVERYTHING. To Men who dottle, and consider your place in the world... watch this. Now."

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