Last year, cellist Alison Chesley released her latest Helen Money album, Atomic, and she has now teamed with directors Matthew Walker and Derick Smith to shoot a video for closing track "Many Arms" in an abandoned warehouse in Chicago.

"I'm so glad Matt and Derick were able to do the video for this song," Alison said. "I know them both from the scene here in Chicago and have always had so much respect for their work. I knew they would capture the mood of this piece, which is very sparse - very reflective, and the last song on Atomic."

"When I wrote the album I was thinking alot about connection - our connection to each other - to the people in our lives. To our home here - Earth - the Universe. I was especially inspired by the times I spent with my brother and sister in the woods in Northern California, where we could look up through the branches of the Redwood trees into the night sky and see so many stars. We could see the Milky Way Galaxy. It evoked in me such a strong connection to all things. This past year has brought so much hardship and separation. But it has made me appreciate even more how our many arms hold one another. How the universe is holding us and how much we all depend upon one another."

The directors add, "We were thrilled when Alison (aka Helen Money) asked us to create the video for her song 'Many Arms.' It’s a stark and beautifully reserved piece of music. However there’s also an underlying, insistent sense of tension. We shot the video in an old abandoned warehouse on Chicago’s west side. Throughout the video, Alison cautiously interacts with it, as though the building itself is a part of her psyche. Her performance is slow and meditative but sporadically interrupted by flashes of chaos and disorder."

The video really does perfectly capture the mood of the song, as you can see for yourself below. Pick up the album from Thrill Jockey.

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