Home Is Where's I Became Birds is one of our favorite albums of the year so far, and obviously we haven't been able to see the band live yet, but their new Audiotree session is making us very excited to finally see them. They went all out for this, really playing like they had something to prove, and simultaneously seeming like a band who would make sense at a basement hardcore show, on Newport Folk Fest, and in a stadium. The band used strummy acoustic guitars, finger-tapping Midwest emo electric guitars, Dylan-esque harmonica, Neutral Milk Hotel-esque singing saw, and more, and singer Brandon McDonald ended up lying on the floor and screaming multiple times. The set included almost the entirety of I Became Birds, plus "Venison" from 2019's Our Mouths to Smile and a noisy hardcore song called "Names" that ended with Brandon screaming "I'm a woman, suck my dick!"

The whole thing is awesome, and if you missed the livestream, you can rewatch the archive below.

UPDATE: The official edited session is out now (and the audio is on streaming services). Watch below.

As for when we'll get to see Home Is Where live, they're playing The Fest this fall. Hopefully more tour dates TBA.

I Became Birds also just got a limited vinyl release via Father/Daughter Records.

1:50 L. Ron Hubbard Was Way Cool
3:45 Long Distance Conjoined Twins
7:49 Assisted Harakiri
12:55 Venison
18:32 The Scientific Classification of Sting Rays
21:30 Sewn Together From The Membrane of The Great Sea Cucumber
27:03 Names

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