Frank Carter (ex-Gallows, Pure Love) is releasing the fourth Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes album, Sticky, on October 15 via International Death Cult. It features some cool guest appearances, including Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie and IDLES' Joe Talbot, the latter of whom is on lead single "My Town." The song is a metaphor for "our collective mental health falling apart," according to Frank, who also says:

It’s easy to dissociate when it’s someone else’s problem but we are each responsible for keeping the streets clean, looking out for our fellow neighbours and acting with kindness and respect as we walk through life. We can look into this town and see the seedy underbelly, the dirt, the disdain, the undercurrent of hate and despair. And then we are reminded that ‘My Town’ looks just like yours, and no one gives a fuck at all and if we don’t start looking after ourselves soon then we are all going to be in big trouble.

The song was released as a single back in April, and Joe joined them on stage to perform it at Download Festival in June. A pro-shot live video of that performance was filmed, and we're now premiering it in this post. Joe brings an added dose of energy to the Rattlesnakes, who already sound pretty raucous in this video, as you can see for yourself below.

Frank Carter

1. Sticky
2. Cupid’s Arrow
3. Bang Bang feat. Lynks
4. Take It To The Brink
5. My Town feat. Joe Talbot
6. Go Get A Tattoo feat. Lynks
7. Off With His Head feat. Cassyette
8. Cobra Queen
9. Rat Race
10. Original Sin feat. Bobby Gillespie

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