Last year, just as the world was going into lockdown, IIVII (aka A Storm of Light leader and former Neurosis visual artist Josh Graham) released the double album, Grinding Teeth / Zero Sleep. "Grinding Teeth and Zero Sleep are individual albums that work together, exploring the grey areas between black and white, light and dark, life and death, good and evil, truth and fiction," Josh said at the time. The album was also full of exciting guest appearances, including Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Sarah Pendleton (SubRosa), Jo Quail, Dana Schechter (Insect Ark, Swans), Benjamin Weinman (The Dillinger Escape Plan), and more.

Now, over a year later, Josh has a video for the song "Crystaline Beasts," which was made by Chariot of Black Moth. "'Crystalline Beasts' is the first IIVII song to explore a metal / black metal landscape," Josh tells us, "while keeping its base grounded in orchestrated soundscapes. Sarah Pendleton (Subrosa / The Otolith) guests on violin, and Gregory Simons is on drums." The black-and-white video is appropriately creepy. Check it out for yourself below, and pick up the album here.

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