Earlier this month, Portugal. The Man released a video for "Feel It Still," which features a man burning a newspaper called "Info Wars." That's of course the same name as Infowars website, the same site that (like Breitbart) has been known to fuel Donald Trump's base-less claims. Infowars found out about the video, and published an article about it that refers to Portugal. The Man as "Pro-Soros Rockers" and communists. Here's an excerpt from their article:

The video is packed with Marxist propaganda, including the communist/black power “clenched fist” salute, a symbolic “capitalist pig,” footage of protesters chanting “fight back!” in mindless call-and-repeat style, and the overall dystopian theme intended to depict “life under Trump” – but looking far more like the rotting socialist hellholes of Cuba or Venezuela.

The direct attack on Infowars is made all the more obvious by the featured thumbnail image for the video.

It doesn't end there though. Infowars' permanently angry leader Alex Jones discussed Portugal. The Man again on his show:

...It's like this rock band that's supposedly big, I'm told. "Pro-Soros Rock Band Burns Infowars Newspaper in Music Video." And they call for basically shutting us down. And get this! They sell their music. And they're rich. Hahahaha AH hahaha AHHHH. Oh and they say I'm anti-Muslim and so they have a Sikh -- who are the group India wouldn't even exist if it weren't for them, who battled the Muslims for 800 years -- a Sikh. I love that propaganda, as if you're gonna show a Sikh that Infowars is bad, when I can't walk down the street and not have the Sikhs run over and start shaking my hand like Jesus Christ just landed. And I'm not saying that's even a good thing, but you don't know how I get mobbed by Indians wherever I go because they know Donald Trump's right, because 100 million Indians have been killed by Islamists. Oh yeah, 140 million. So I love your little commie propaganda. Think it's gonna work on the Indians? DON'T THINK SO! They've already been murdered for hundreds of years. They know! YOU SCUM!


Portugal. The Man's tour brings them to NYC for two Terminal 5 shows in June. The first is sold out but the second is still on sale. All dates here.

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