Jack White was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this week (April 14) where he performed “Over and Over and Over” and “Connected by Love,” both of which are from his new solo album, Boarding House Reach. Jack also appeared in a sketch called “Wedding Toast” which was cut for time, but you can watch that and his music performances below.

The host this week was comedian John Mulaney, who was a staff writer for Saturday Night Live from 2008 -2013, and did a pretty great job on what was a funner-than-usual episode. Alec Baldwin did not appear as Trump this week, but we did get Ben Stiller as Trump attorney Michael Cohen and Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller in the cold open. Were there jokes about Stiller and De Niro’s Meet the Parents movies? You know it.

There was also a sketch where Kenan Thompson plays a diner lobster, which Mulaney says he and Colin Jost wrote together in 2010, but at the time never made it past the table-read. Watch those and other highlights from last night’s SNL, below

The next Saturday Night Live (May 5), Donald Glover will pull double duty as host, and perform as Childish Gambino as musical guest.

Meanwhile, Mulaney has been posting photos on his Instagram of his time as an SNL writer, including an amazing one from the pitch meeting of Jon Hamm’s first appearance in 2008. He wrote, “Wait! But on the Monday when Jon Hamm first hosted in October 2008 all of us went to the pitch meeting dressed as Mad Men characters. And then “as part of the joke” everyone started day drinking. Jon Hamm, new to the show, walked in to be greeted by a drunken Comic-Con-like atmosphere. It was the goddamn best.” Check that out, plus SNL videos, below.