Janelle Monae performed at the 2019 Grammy Awards ceremony, playing her song "Make Me Feel" off last year's Dirty Computer, and working in parts of "Django Jane." She started the song standing in place with a guitar and a line of robotic dancers on either side of her, lit by pink light. Eventually it turned into something much more uninhibited, as Janelle and the dancers started moving all over the elaborate stage design, and looking and sounding as badass as you'd expect. Dancers wearing the vagina pants from Janelle's "PYNK" video joined the androids, too. Watch part of her performance below and stay tuned for video of the full performance.

Speaking to Variety, Janelle dedicated her Grammy nominations to trans people. "My trans brother and sisters, they do it every day," she said. "And they are shunned from these sorts of events. So this one is for them."

Dirty Computer was up for Album of the Year but lost to Kacey Musgraves' Golden Hour, and "PYNK" was up for Best Music Video but lost to Childish Gambino's "This Is America." See the full list of winners and nominees here.