Japanese experimental screamo band Quiqui are gearing up to release their debut album Calendar on Dog Knights (pre-order), and judging by the first two singles, this album is all over the place. "Progressive" is in far-out jazz/avant-garde/noise territory, while the title track is gorgeous and melodic. The album also has some straight-up screamo, including an awesome cover of "*" by Italy's La Quiete, and we're premiering the video for that cover in this post. Speaking about the cover, the band says (in English and Japanese):

We believe that change is important.
and it can mean anything from evolution to degeneration to deviation.
In our opinion, change does not mean abandoning or denying classical music.
We would be very happy if you could feel the change in this album and imagine the many cultures of music and literature that are in the process of change.
The album is based on the theme of calendar.
Life is never repetitive, and sad and happy things can happen unintentionally, and we treat this contingency as something very important.
In this album, I am trying to express the repetition of daily life and the gradual changes in our lives.
I would be honored if someone who happens to listen to this album could make a connection with someone else's life.
As mentioned above, we consider change to be very important.
We have a lot of respect for La quiete as a pioneer of this.
In this cover, we play with the intention of inheriting the classical hardcore fury of La quiete and the changes that La quiete presented (you can feel a noticeable deviation in the second half of the song).
We feel envy and sympathy for the minorities who are presenting change.
And we could easily accept this feeling because it is music, eliminating the annoying separation.
The theme of this cover is to connect this feeling.

その先駆者としてLa quieteをとても尊敬しています。
今回のカバーでは、La quieteの持つ激情ハードコアとしてのクラシカルとLa quieteが提示した変化(今回の曲の後半では顕著な逸脱を感じることが出来ると思います)を受け継ぎたいという意思のもと演奏しています。

Watch the video for the La Quiete cover and the videos for the two previous singles below...


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