In May, Jeff Rosenstock ambushed fans with the surprise release of his powerful fourth official solo album, NO DREAM. Last night, he took one of the album's most-loved songs, "Scram!," to Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Seth introduced Jeff and his band with an opening monologue where he stated, "You know, the least we deserve in trying times like this is great punk music- punk music that stands for something. This next guy is one of my favorites. He's angry, and urgent, and prescient. And, while I'm super bummed that he and his band are not here, live, tonight, at least we will not have to pay for a studio roof that they surely would've ripped off."

After Seth's rousing endorsement, Jeff (donning a face mask that read "Black Lives Matter") and company (including Mike Park on keys) launched into "Scram!," amalgamating in an electrifying, upbeat rendition of the song, enough to make you want to get up and mosh in front of your computer screen. Their performance was shot remotely at Atomic Garden in Oakland, and it really nailed the same kind of spine-tingling energy that Jeff brings to his actual live shows. Watch below.

Jeff also recently launched his 2020 DUMP Bandcamp project for songs he's been writing at home during quarantine, including two that revisit his ska roots and feature horns by Jeremy Hunter (Skatune Network, JER, We Are The Union). "If there's anyone right now who's doing the most for ska, it's Jeff Rosenstock," Jeremy told us in our recent feature on the current ska scene. Read more about that here.

For even more on Jeff and NO DREAM, read our recent Q&A with him about the album. Also, Jeff's guitarist Mike Huguenor recently released a solo guitar album and spoke to us about his favorite guitarists.


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