Jeff Rosenstock released his excellent new album NO DREAM not long after global lockdown ensued, and though he did several solo livestreams since then, we didn't get to see the Jeff Rosenstock band perform the new material together until they tore it up on Seth Meyers recently. That ended up leading to an entire full-band set, which streamed over the weekend and which can be watched and rewatched now or whenever you please. It's free, but the band is taking donations if you'd like to help support them in these tour-less times.

Like the Seth Meyers performance, 'Jeff Rosenstock Live* from the Garden**' ("*pre-recorded, **not THAT garden") was filmed at frequent Jeff Rosenstock producer Jack Shirley's Atomic Garden studio, and while most of the band was there in person, bassist John DeDomenici was (very convincingly!) there via green screen. Their nine-song set included seven of the new album's songs, plus older faves "Hey Allison!" and "Pash Rash," and like on Seth Meyers, they ripped. Watch the whole thing below.

Jeff also recently added two songs (a Belle and Sebastian cover ft. PUP's Stefan Babcock and a new acoustic song called "Old Cold") to his 2020 DUMP collection on Bandcamp. The whole thing is now up to six tracks and you can stream that below too. It's name your price on Bandcamp and Jeff says, "Please do not feel obliged to spend money on this music. I do not intend for it to be monetized. Any money that comes in through Bandcamp for these songs will be donated to charitable causes, but less money will get taken out if you just do that directly on your own - which I encourage you to do if you can afford it. And if not, it's cool."

And if you missed "Scram!" on Seth Meyers, watch that too:

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