Jeff Tweedy and his family (wife Susie and sons Spencer and Sammy) recently did another episode of their livestreamed The Tweedy Show on Instagram, and Susie has uploaded the entire thing to her YouTube channel. They did a gorgeous, stripped-down cover of "Try" from the newly-released, lost 1975 Neil Young album Homegrown (with Jeff singing), and they also covered My Bloody Valentine's "When You Sleep" (with Sammy singing), Arthur Russell's "Close My Eyes" (with Sammy singing), Link Wray's "La De Da" (with Sammy singing lead and Jeff and Spencer singing backup), and more.

The Neil cover comes in at 15:28, Arthur Russell at 29:55, Link Wray at 34:04, and MBV at 44:53.

The previous, Jeff-less episode featured covers of The Beatles, Teenage Fanclub, Robert Pollard, Big Star, and more by Spencer and Sammy.

Earlier in the year, Jeff covered Pavement and Mazzy Star with his sons on the show.

Watch the most recent episode below...

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