Jeff Tweedy and Steve Albini bring their comedic talents to a new PSA about the Affordable Care Act. As you may know the Trump administration cut the ACA enrollment window in half and eliminated its advertising budget, so you may not know that enrollment ends December 15. The gist of this independently produced series of ads is that "you don't have as much time as you think," and Tweedy and Albini play cops on a stakeout who spend too much procrastinating, and missing their chance to nab some art thieves. "Let's go...after this song," Tweedy says as Shellac's 12-minute "Didn't We Deserve A Look At You The Way You Really Are" comes on the radio. "Does it just stay like this?" asks Albini of the song's droning bass line. You can watch this below.

This is the fourth short in the series and the others feature such comedic actors as David Pasquesi, Lauren Walker, Brad Morris, Puja Mohindra, and Tyler Davis. Watch them all below.

You can catch Jeff Tweedy in NYC soon, as he is performing on A Prairie Home Companion at Town Hall and WFUV's Holiday Cheer show at Beacon Theatre, both in December.


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