Rage Against the Machine's groovy, heavy-as-bricks riffs have been a huge influence on modern-day hardcore, and obviously Zack de la Rocha's own hardcore roots date back to his pre-RATM band Inside Out, so it makes a lot of musical sense that a bunch of great modern-day hardcore musicians would come together to cover "Killing In The Name." It's for the latest Two Minutes to Late Night quarantine covers series, and it's led by Jesus Piece frontman Aaron Heard and Brooklyn electro-rap artist Miss Eaves, with backing from Trey Pemberton (Creeping Death), Stephen Harrison (Fever 333, The Chariot), Izzy Bolivar (Glassjaw), Rah Davis (Fucked and Bound), and Chris Enriquez (Spotlights, Primitive Weapons). They turn it into something that's even harsher and heavier than the original, and the ferocity is contrasted by the bright sneer of Miss Eaves, who adds her own timely new verse to the song. The whole thing is awesome.

Rage are obviously on the mind this year because of the planned reunion, but also because their timeless protest music resonates very strongly in a year that's seen all 50 states band together to protest against police brutality (and protests continued earlier this week in Kenosha, WA after Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man, was shot seven times in the back by police). The Two Minutes to Late Night people said it was intentional decision to feature only non-white performers for this cover, and they add, "Defund the police."

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