Judas Knife, the new band of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Sid Jagger aka Joseph Grillo (Garrison, Gay For Johnny Depp) and drummer Drew Thomas (Youth of Today, Into Another, Bold), have a new video for "Hit It and Hit It and Hit It" from their 2021 debut album Death Is The Thing With Feathers. If you haven't heard the record, it's a great offering of '90s-style post-hardcore in the vein of bands like Quicksand and Jawbox, and this song is the one with the riff that's kinda like "Quiet" by The Smashing Pumpkins. The video is a cool collage of grainy, overexposed footage shot at the band's first show at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar and old basement (filmed and edited by Mario Quintero of Spotlights), and when asked for a quote about it, Joseph said, "Alcohol is a wonderful friend, but a terrible Master."

Vinyl is available now via Translation Loss, and the band will celebrate the physical release with a show on April 8 at Knitting Factory Brooklyn opening for Belgian shoegazers Slow Crush with Cathedral Bells on the bill as well.

Meanwhile, Garrison's 1999 debut EP The Bend Before The Break (originally released on Revelation Records) is being reissued on vinyl. Pre-order on tri-color wax.

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