Judas Knife, the new duo of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Sid Jagger aka Joseph Grillo (of Garrison, Gay For Johnny Depp, etc) and drummer Drew Thomas (Youth of Today, Into Another, Bold, etc), released their Kurt Ballou-recorded debut album Death Is The Thing With Feathers on Translation Loss last week. The album puts a fresh spin on '90s-style post-hardcore, and it comes as no surprise that these two musicians are still total pros in that style. If you like the members' previous bands (or stuff like Quicksand, Far, Jawbox, etc), it's very worth hearing this album.

We're now premiering the video for "A Moment of Clarity," which pairs the under-90-second song with some cryptic, horror-esque imagery. It was made by filmmaker Craig Murray, and Joseph says, "Craig Murray is an old pal from Exeter, UK. We have kept in and out of touch as the years have gone by and I've always loved his work, in particular the videos he has done with Mogwai. He graciously accepted my proposal to work together and I gave him full artistic license. He listened to the song and this is the video he made."

Watch the video and stream the full LP below. Pick up a physical copy here.

We've also got a limited edition, colored vinyl repress of Garrison's classic 1999 EP The Bend Before the Break with bonus tracks available now in our store.

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