"2nd amazing time I had playing at Le Poisson Rouge, and listening to Jessica Pratt's stunningly beautiful set. Thanks NY" - Julia Holter

Julia Holter at LPR - 7/12/13 (photo by Mike Katzif)
Julia Holter

Julia Holter brought her tour with Jessica Pratt to NYC this past Friday (7/12) for a show at Le Poisson Rouge (her second show at that venue), which she used to preview some of the material from her upcoming album, Loud City Songs (due out 8/20 via Domino). She's already released studio versions of two of the album's tracks, "In The Green Wild" and "World", and you can check out live videos of Julia performing the former at her LPR show, along with a previously unreleased new song, "Horns Surrounding Me."

Videos below...


Julia Holter - "Horns Surrounding Me" at Le Poisson Rouge - 7/12/13

Julia Holter - "In The Green Wold" at Le Poisson Rouge - 7/12/13